Is your business compliant to FSMA regulations?

    TeleSenseTM provides real-time temperature monitoring and TTR for every stage of the cold chain.

  • Real-time Temperature Monitoring and TTR for Every Stage of the Cold Chain

    Log product temperature data in the cloud and get real-time alerts if anything goes outside the acceptable temperature range.

  • Stay Efficient with Real-Time Food Cooking

    Get a notification as soon as meat products reach the correct internal temperature.

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  • Keep It Simple with Automated Marked Product Studies

    Our small, portable sensor nodes can monitor product temperature as it's transported.

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  • Real-Time Truck GPS & Temperature Tracking

    Receive alerts to prevent disastrous loss of product from an open truck door or broken reefer.

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  • Cold Chain Monitoring Cycle

  • Facilities Management

  • Enterprise View

TeleSenseTM develops and delivers real-time environmental monitoring solutions for industrial applications. Our solutions are designed to help manage the risks posed by today’s dynamic environmental conditions. We collect data wirelessly, analyze it in the cloud and display it in ways that allow you to recognize critical issues and take immediate action.
TeleSense uses industrial Internet of Things (IoT) technology to monitor several critical parameters 24/7, 365 days a year. Whether assets are at rest or in motion, TeleSense provides real-time alerts when monitored parameters are out of the user-defined customized range. This eliminates human error, improves operational efficiency, and reduces risks, costs, liability, and the burden of regulatory compliance.

How Does it Work?



TeleSense serves all industries where monitoring temperature, humidity, location, moisture, or asset-movement is important. Our customers are in cold-chain monitoring, food safety, as well as physical plant and building management.
User-friendly dashboards allow you to visualize complex data with ease. Using heat maps and enterprise views, you can monitor across assets, buildings, and locations. Our technology moves way beyond data loggers that require handling and manual intervention, simplifying the otherwise manual process of collecting, displaying, and creating custom reports of critical data.


Monitor temperature in real time

Monitor temperature, humidity, GPS location, and many other attributes wirelessly.

Set up rules and receive automatic notifications

Set conditional rules to trigger automated text and email alerts on your mobile devices.

Easily integrate into your facilities and trucks

Our sensors can be quickly installed without interrupting regular business operations.

Automatically generate regulatory and customer compliance reports

Our system can use gathered data to create all required auditing, regulatory, and non-regulatory reports.

Overall view for management

Enterprise view shows the status with color-coded views to spot any errors, and helps manage conditions in every location from one secure dashboard.

Operational Efficiency

Know exactly what conditions are without expending manual labor.

Manage from anywhere

With cloud-based software and app, you can manage your facility from any location.

Increase traceability

With online log of reports and data, easily trace products back to any specific date or date range.