Naeem Zafar


Naeem Zafar, Co-Founder and CEO

Naeem Zafar is a serial entrepreneur who has started or worked at several companies in Silicon Valley. Most recently, he co-founded and served as the CEO of Bitzer Mobile, an enterprise security and mobility company that was acquired by Oracle in November 2013.


Naeem started his own business at the age of 26 and subsequently started or worked at six startups. His first job out of Brown University with a degree in electrical engineering was to design chips and electronic systems. Twenty years, two kids, one IPO, and four CEO stints later, he founded TeleSense, a company focused on providing solutions based on IoT [Internet of Things].


Naeem is a faculty member at the University of California – Berkeley Center of Entrepreneurship and Technology and a Professor-of-the-Practice at the Brown University Department of Engineering, teaching courses in entrepreneurship, technology strategy, and new venture finance. Naeem has authored five books and has given several papers and talks.