Commercial Cooking and Tempering

An image of a commercial cooking oven that TeleSense sensors can remotely monitor temperature and send alerts from.

Commercial Cooking Made Easy

Reduce Costs and Streamline FSMA Compliance with Automatic Temperature Monitoring for Commercial Cooking and Tempering

Cooking and tempering in a commercial setting can require a lot of manual intervention that can lead to human errors, which are expensive. It also requires compliance with several regulations. There has not been an affordable and easy to use solution that can automate temperature monitoring and cooling cycles…. Until now!


TeleSense introduces a new, wireless solution that allows you to remotely monitor cooking temperature and receive automatic alerts when the product has reached the desired temperature or is out of acceptable temperature range.

 Easy Set and Forget Process

Insert dozens of probes into your food, from cooking in ovens, to cooling over the course of hours.  Automatic temperature records and alerts ensure quality and compliance every step of the way.

TeleSense automatically monitors the food during cooking, cooling, and storage, in addition to creating and storing temperature records digitally. All of the setup including the industrial probes can be installed in an hour with no loss of productivity. In fact, by freeing up labor from keeping track of temperature, workers can be reassigned to work on more important things, increasing the operational efficiency of the entire production process.

Users will receive SMS alerts and emails when desired temperatures have been reached, in addition to keeping a time temperature record of the entire cooking or tempering process.  Customized reports can be automatically generated for inspectors and compliance validation.



Get the Big Picture!                                                    

TeleSense also provides an enterprise view where one can see all of your cooking facilities from one single display.  We aggregate data from dozens or hundreds of ovens from same or different locations and allow you to see the big picture using cloud computing technology.