Meat and Seafood Processing

A complete solution for FDA & USDA temperature monitoring and reporting.

Real-Time Temperature Monitoring and Alerts

Check the most temperature-sensitive environments quickly and easily from anywhere to ensure temperature compliance. Set the ranges and receive a text and email notification any time the temperature gets too high or low.

Generate Reports for FDA Compliance

View and print customizable temperature reports for each area of your facility with the click of a button.

HACCP Plan Integration

Integrate TeleSenseTM temperature monitoring technology into your HACCP plan. Work smarter, not harder, by committing fewer resources to meet government regulations. Ensure your facilities and machines – from coolers to freezers and ovens – are the correct temperature, all of the time.

Automate Marked Product Studies

Integrate Jonah into your marked product studies. Jonah is a rugged, IP67 waterproof, battery-powered device that provides real-time product data to meet the stringent marked product study requirements of your facility’s HACCP plan. You can place the device in boxes of meat or fish, in a truck while deliveries are being made, or even suspend the probe in a live tank.