Wineries and Breweries

Take Control of Temperature – And Reap the Benefits

Like most living things, yeast cultures have a particular climate that they prefer. Just as people like warm, sunny weather, yeast, too, like their temperate atmosphere. When things get cold, (around 40° F) yeast starts to shut down. When it gets very warm (around 100° F), things also start to get uncomfortable for the yeast, and undesirable results can occur.

Additionally, fermentation is an active, living process, and all that activity can cause temperatures to rise. Ultimately, this means that in order to create quality beer and wine with the flavors you intend, it is extremely important to control the temperature and humidity throughout the entire process.

TeleSense Solution

TeleSense offers a complete solution for protecting wines and beers from temperature and humidity swings – from the production stage to storage and shipment.

TeleSense’s solution uses the latest IoT technology to constantly track the temperature and humidity through the entire process for beer and wine production. Any time the parameters violate the accepted user-defined range, real-time alerts are instantly generated via text and email alerting the personnel to take immediate corrective action. There is no wiring required. Small wireless TeleSensors send temperature and humidity data to the secure, cloud-based software platform every five minutes, for continuous monitoring and processing. The installation process typically takes less than an hour, and requires no special tools or expertise.

Monitor Soil Moisture for Healthy Grapes

TeleSense also offers special sensors for monitoring moisture level in the soil. Maintaining an ideal moisture level in the soil is important to grow healthy grapes with good color and taste. Overwatering is just as damaging as watering too little. TeleSense’s moisture sensor enables you to continuously monitor the moisture level in the soil and get instant notifications anytime the moisture level gets out of the acceptable user-defined range. This also helps in conserving water by enabling you to analyze the TeleSense-generated moisture chart and determine the optimum amount of watering.

Protect Your Investment in Your Wine Cellar

Whether you are a private collector or a restaurant with a collection of expensive vintage wines, you want to protect your investment. And as a connoisseur of wine, you know that maintaining the right temperature and humidity level is critical for wine storage.

TeleSense offers a low-cost solution for continuous monitoring of temperature and humidity in your wine cellar, and sends you an immediate alert if the parameters ever exceed the user-defined acceptable range.


Enterprise View

If you manage several wineries or breweries, TeleSense offers Enterprise View – a bird’s eye view into every facility you own with one glance at a dashboard. You can look at the state of all your wineries or brewery on a single screen from your home or office.