Making Restaurants Safe and More Profitable

A complete solution for ensuring that highly valuable product in walk-ins, freezers, and wine rooms maintains an acceptable temperature.

Managing and running a restaurant is a very hard and labor intensive business. In addition to managing day-to-day logistics, you have to constantly worry about the food going bad because one of your refrigeration systems failed or a worker forgot to close the door of the walk-in cold storage.

Thanks to TeleSense’s innovative IoT technology, now you don’t have to worry about your food spoiling due to poor refrigeration. While we cannot help you with your day-to-day logistics, we can eliminate one major concern: Food spoilage.

TeleSense is a risk management solution. We reduce spoilage and in doing so prevent the financial costs associated with inventory loss and upset customers.  Improve your financial bottom-line by reducing operational expenses and increasing customer loyalty.



TeleSense allows you to know the exact conditions of your entire facility at all times. Restaurants which strive to source high quality ingredients for their customers are at the mercy of refrigeration failure.

With our technology your walk-in refrigerators, freezers, wine cooler, and all of your refrigerated areas alert will you when they begin to fail.

TeleSense trains your refrigerated spaces to speak with our remote sensing technology – which is easily installed in under an hour – and all of your data is stored in the cloud for real-time access.



TeleSense uses small, portable TeleSensors to accomplish this remote sensing. These TeleSensors can be battery powered or plugged-in. You simply place them anywhere in your facility where temperature matters and they will start communicating with a TeleSense Gateway wirelessly.

Leveraging the intelligence of the cloud and parameters you specify, we alert you if any of the thresholds are violated.  You will have a full temperature history and be able to understand trends over time in addition to real time alerting. You choose how you want to be alerted (SMS, email, push notification, etc.) when an area is too hot or too cold.


Get the Big Picture!                                                   

If you own or manage multiple restaurants, not to worry! TeleSense can provide you with an Enterprise View – a bird’s eye view into every facility you own with one glance at a dashboard.