Cold Chain Monitoring – Food

A complete solution for monitoring the temperature and location of trucks transporting food in real-time.

Food processing, distribution and storage facilities face a massive challenge: Ensuring that the food is kept at the right temperature throughout the entire process to avoid spoilage. Furthermore, they must stay up to date on compliance regulations, while reducing cost and streamlining operations.


We split the cold chain life cycle into two distinct phases: We call it Food-In-Motion and Food-At-Rest. When food is being shipped from one location to another, time-temperature records must be kept in accordance with the Sanitary Transportation section of the Food Safety Modernization Act. We take care of that.


When food is perishable and on site at a facility, time-temperature records must also be kept to validate proper handling, processing, and storage. We do that, too.

Any time the temperature goes out of the user-defined accepted temperature range, automatic alerts are issued via email and SMS, alerting the personnel to take corrective action and save the food from spoiling.

In addition, to validate the food processing or movement through a facility, companies will often manually undertake “marked product studies” to ensure that every process is meeting quality and safety requirements. We automate this process.


How Do We Do It

TeleSense’s solution uses the latest IoT technology to monitor the temperature of the food and send the data to the cloud for storage and processing. Telesense’s proprietary TeleSensors are a family of small battery-powered or plugged-in sensors that can be placed in the room, cooler or truck, where the food is being processed, stored or being transported. TeleSensors continuously monitor the food temperature and communicate with an on-site/on-board wireless gateway that sends the temperature data to the cloud for storage and automatic processing. If at any time, the temperature gets out of the accepted user-defined range, real-time alerts are instantly generated via text and email alerting the personnel to take immediate corrective action and save the food from spoiling.


Customized reports can also be automatically generated for inspectors and compliance validation.



Get the Big Picture!                                              

TeleSense also provides an enterprise view where one can see and monitor the complete cold-chain, including transportation, processing and storage in one single display.  We aggregate data from dozens or hundreds of different trucks and facilities and allow you to see the big picture on a single screen using cloud computing technology.