Marked Product Studies

Marked Product Studies with the TeleSenseTM Jonah

A complete solution to automate marked product studies & time temperature records for your HACCP plan.

HACCP Plan Integration

Proprietary technology robustly reports time temperature records to meet critical control point standards for HACCP plan compliance and real time temperature validation.

Industrial Strength Enclosures Gather Multiple Data Points

Industrial strength, IP67 waterproof enclosure. Drop the Jonah in the belly of a whale and it will automatically report temperature data wirelessly, in real time. Check product temperature, GPS location, and validate your HACCP plan for controlling product temperature.

Automate Marked Product Studies: Eliminate Time Wasting Manual Processes

Don’t spend valuable time and resources manually fulfilling marked product study requirements. With the extended battery life, you can leave Jonah in products for the entire time that product sits in your facility to gather compliance verification data in real time. Simply drop it in and eliminate fear of missing data.