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TeleSense® offers highly optimized solutions for saving labor costs and automating regulatory compliance for food safety. TeleSense provides complete temperature monitoring solution for food processing, including commercial cooking, tempering, cold-storage and transportation. This wireless solution installs in minutes and automatically generates alerts and reports, ensuring food safety and reducing operational expenses.

TeleSense is certified as a Minority Business Enterprise by Supplier Clearinghouse.
Why us?

We listen

All of our customers have different requirements, and we want to ensure that we fully understand your needs before recommending a solution. Our dedicated team will listen, ask questions, and survey your site in order to tailor a solution specifically for your company. In this way, we can guarantee that you are fully benefiting from using our products.

We integrate

TeleSense products are highly adaptable and very easy to install and use. We know that interruptions to the work day can be costly, so our installation is easy and non-disruptive. Each device takes only minutes to install and does not require any special tools

We adapt

At TeleSense, we look to the future with every action we take. We know that your needs may change or grow, so our products are built to be flexible and durable so they can continue to benefit your business. We are committed to providing support long after the sales process is done, and we will continually improve and grow our product line in response to market changes and your feedback.


Our Team

Naeem Zafar
Co-Founder & CEO
Naeem Zafar is a serial entrepreneur who has started or worked at several companies in Silicon Valley... Read More
Bulent Erbilgin
Vice President of Engineering
Dr. Bulent Erbilgin is the Vice President of Engineering at Telesense. He brings to Telesense over...Read More
John Tingleff
John Tingleff is an expert finance executive with broad early-stage company experience... Read More


Jeremy Jones
CIO of Comfort Systems USA
Mr. Jeremy Jones is currently the Vice President and Chief Information Officer of Comfort Systems USA Inc (NYSE: FIX)... Read More
Tom Chicoine
CEO of Food Management Inc.
Tom Chicoine has 30 years of executive management and technical experience in food manufacturing, warehousing, distribution operations... Read More
Bruce Jamieson
CEO of GenTegra LLC
Bruce Jamieson serves as CEO at GenTegra LLC, a nucleic acid stabilization company serving biobanks and genomic researchers worldwide... Read More
Gour Choudhury
Professor of Food Safety
at Cal Poly
Dr. Gour Choudhury has a PhD in Food Engineering and has expertise in Process Engineering, Development and Automation... Read More
Kelly Griffith
Retired EVP
Safeway Retail
Kelly Griffith is a successful Executive Leader with over 20 years of experience in the retail food industry with extensive background... Read More


PrideVel’s “Cisco centric” IP Convergence Solutions bouquet is focused on providing the market with the most cutting edge telecommunication applications enabled by the Internet Technology. Now integrated with TeleSense sensors.