Bruce Jamieson

Bruce Jamieson, CEO of GenTegra LLC.

Bruce Jamieson serves as CEO at GenTegra LLC, a nucleic acid stabilization company that serves biobanks and genomic researchers worldwide. He has held senior leadership positions in General Management, Sales and Marketing in Life Science tools, automation and instrument companies including IntegenX, Microsonic Systems, Setaram Inc. Labcyte, Robbins Scientific/Apogent and Zymark Corporation.
Bruce has introduced numerous disruptive new technologies to the drug discovery and development markets including robotic liquid handling systems, laboratory automation and robotics, acoustic droplet ejection, ultrasonic sample conditioning and Rapid DNA for human identification. His skill sets include commercial leadership for drug discovery tool companies, sales and general management of pre-IPO companies, comprehensive understanding of the product development process for building tools for chemists and life scientists as well as the pharma/biotech drug discovery and development process.
Skilled in all aspects of General Management, Sales & Marketing, Product Development, and flexible manufacturing processes, Mr. Jamieson holds a B.S. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from the University of Delaware.