Bulent Erbilgin

Dr. Bulent Erbligin,  Vice President of Engineering

Dr. Bulent Erbilgin is the Vice President of Engineering at Telesense. He brings to Telesenseover two decades of industry experience in technology and management positions, successfully releasing products ranging from security and software applications to large-scale computer systems and core-routing/SAN switches. At Telesense Dr. Erbilgin leads the company’s product development efforts in the IOT (Internet Of Things) space.

Prior to Telesense Dr. Erbilgin was a VP Engineering at Cryptography Research/Rambus where he lead the product development efforts to provide security solutions in the areas of key generation/distribution, content protection, anti-counterfeiting, tamper-resistance, and developing side-channel attack resistance technologies.
Prior to joining CRI/Rambus, Dr. Erbilgin was the Vice President of Engineering at SS8, Inc., a provider of end-to-end communications and cyber intelligence solutions.

Before his position at SS8, Dr. Erbilgin held the position of Vice President of Engineering at several companies including PacketMotion, Brocade Communications, Pluris, NetFrame, and MasPar. He also served as general manager of the server division at Micron and has held other technology roles at Zycad and HPLabs.

Dr. Erbilgin holds a M.S. in Computer Engineering and a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University.