Grain silos

Grain Silos

Continuous Monitoring of Temperature, Humidity and Poisonous Gases in Silos Saves Lives, Prevents Grain Spoilage and Increases Profit

Grain silos, a necessity on many farms, can be dangerous, especially days after filling when deadly gasses are building up inside. Silo gases are formed through the natural fermentation process of chopped forages shortly after it is placed in the silo. Though a variety of gases are released during this process, the most common gases being carbon dioxide and nitrogen dioxide, both are highly toxic and potentially fatal to humans and animals. In addition to the poisonous gases naturally produced in the silos, fumigation in the silos can produce phosphine gas which is colorless, odorless and extremely lethal.

Up until now there was no easy way to detect poisonous silo gases, resulting in many deaths every year. But now TeleSense has invented an affordable and highly effective solution for early warning of presence of poisonous gases in grain silos.

TeleSense Introduces SiloSensor

TeleSense’s SiloSensor consists of a softball size enclosure with multiple sensors for sensing different gases and other parameters such as temperature and humidity.  The sensors are battery powered and communicate wirelessly with an on-site gateway which transmits the data to the cloud for processing. Monitoring software in the cloud analyzes the data and issues immediate alert via SMS, email and on-site alarm, if any sensor readings are outside of user defined range.




On-site Dashboard for Immediate Alerts and Internet Access

Notwithstanding the poisonous gas situation, sub-optimal temperature and humidity levels in grain storage facilities deteriorate grain quality and make grain susceptible to infestation and germination. This in turn leads to loss of sales and lower return on investment.  In addition to sensing poisonous gases, SiloSensor can also monitor temperature and humidity and issue instant alerts when these readings are outside the user-defined acceptable range.





Easy Installation


Installing SiloSensors is as easy as turning on the SiloSensor and placing it in the Silo.



  • Continuous monitoring of temperature, humidity and poisonous gases
  • Increased profits through reduced spoilage and improved quality
  • Saves human and animal life