TeleSense for Grocery Stores & Super Markets

A complete solution for ensuring food products are kept in the right temperature range throughout the store.


Many super markets lose as much as 10% of their inventory to spoilage, especially raw meats, poultry and seafood. This is primarily due to a failure in their refrigeration system, which they discover too late.

TeleSense offers the latest IoT technology to constantly track the temperatures in displays, freezers, coolers, and even during transportation, and issues an immediate alert if the temperature in the cooling units gets out of user defined acceptable range.

There is no wiring required.  Small wireless sensors TeleSensors send temperature and humidity data to the secure, cloud-based software platform every five minutes, for continuous monitoring and processing. The installation process typically takes less than an hour, and requires no special tools or expertise.

Any time the temperature goes out of the user-defined accepted temperature range, automatic alerts are issued via email and SMS, alerting the personnel to take corrective action and save the food from spoiling.



Enterprise View

All the data is saved in the cloud for every store. With the Enterprise View, a store manager can see the status of all of the areas under observation on a large screen using color coding.  The regional managers can see the accumulated data from all of the stores in his or her region on a single screen. And if desirable, corporate can have access to conditions on the ground at each facility giving them unprecedented granularity to real-time conditions at every location. This service brings operational efficiency, process optimization, risk management, and significant improvement in ROI.