About Us


TeleSense® is a startup company in Silicon Valley using industrial strength IoT (Internet of Things) technology for continuous monitoring of perishable food and grain. Its highly optimized solutions help increase efficiencies, reduce operating costs and automate regulatory compliance for the food and grain industries. TeleSense provides complete environmental monitoring solutions for food processing, including commercial cooking, tempering, cold-storage and transportation. For the grain industry, it offers specialized sensors for monitoring temperature, humidity and gases in grain storage units, resulting in higher quality grain, efficiency, and profit. TeleSense’s wireless solutions install in minutes and automatically generate alerts and reports, thereby, avoiding spoilage, increasing food safety and reducing operational expenses.

Why us

We listen
All of our customers have different requirements, and we ensure that we fully understand your needs before recommending a solution. Our dedicated team listens, asks questions, and surveys your site in order to tailor a solution specifically for you. This is how we guarantee that you fully benefit from our solutions.
We integrate
TeleSense products are highly adaptable, and very easy to install and use. We know that interruptions to your work flow can be costly, so our installation is easy and non-disruptive. Each device takes only minutes to install, and does not require any special tools.
We adapt
At TeleSense, we look to the future with every action we take. We know that your needs may change or grow, so our products are built to be flexible, durable, and scalable. We are committed to providing support long after the sales process is done, and we continually innovate our product lines in response to market needs and your feedback.