Cold Storage and Transport

Continuous Monitoring of Temperature, Humidity and other Parameters Ensures Food Safety, Reduces Spoilage, and Increases Profits

Food harvesting, processing, packaging, transportation and distribution face a massive challenge: ensuring the food is kept at the right temperature throughout the entire process to avoid spoilage. New Federal regulations (FSMA) require accurate record keeping, showing that the food was kept at the right temperature throughout its journey to the consumer.
TeleSense offers a complete cold-chain monitoring solution, from harvesting, to processing, storage, and transportation. TeleSense’s solution exceeds regulatory requirements for food safety, and automates the record keeping and report generation required for compliance. This should be an essential part of your HACCP plans, and TeleSense makes it easy to comply.

How Do We Do It

TeleSense’s solution uses the latest IoT (Internet of Things) technology to monitor the temperature, humidity and other environmental parameters. Telesense’s proprietary TeleSensors are a family of small, battery-powered or plugged-in sensors that can be placed in the cold room, freezer, cooler, truck, ship or wherever the food is being stored or transported. TeleSensors continuously monitor the food temperature and other parameters. The TeleSensors communicate with a wireless gateway that sends the data to the cloud to be processed automatically and stored. If, at any time, a parameter gets out of the accepted user-defined range, an alert is issued instantly via text and email. Allowing personnel to take immediate corrective action and save food from spoiling.
Get instant alerts on you cell phone
Telesensor with internal probe
Telesensor with external probe
Time/Temperature records are automated, facilitating regulatory compliance

TeleSensors have long battery life, suitable for cross country and transoceanic transportation

Enterprise View

If you company has many locations or transport means, TeleSense provides an Enterprise view. Where a company can see and monitor the parameters for all locations on a single screen.
If you are in the cold storage, restaurant, grocery store or food transportation business, TeleSense gives you peace of mind, knowing that your perishable assets are continuously being monitored for temperature and humidity, resulting in reduced spoilage, higher quality, and increased profits.