Grain Management

Continuous Monitoring of Temperature, Humidity and Fumigant Gases in Silos Saves Lives, Prevents Grain Spoilage and Increases Profit

The most influential factors in grain storage are moisture and temperature. High moisture content in grain, at certain temperatures, can promote diseases and development of fungal spores.  Grains stored with high moisture levels can spoil and become unfit for food, and can even spontaneously ignite under ideal conditions.
Temperature is another factor that can affect the quality and storage period for grains. Higher temperatures affect grain quality and the ability of stored seeds to germinate over time.
With the TeleSense GrainSafe™, grain storage unit operators now can easily and swiftly setup a remote monitoring solution for their facilities. GrainSafe is an effective solution for continuously monitoring temperature, moisture, and poisonous gases in grain storage, and for receiving immediate alerts if any parameter breaches the user-defined, acceptable range.
GrainSafe comes in two forms to suit all kinds of storage units, including sheds, silos, bins and bulkheads.
For storage units that do not have existing temperature sensing cables, Telesense has a custom designed portable solution that contains sensors for temperature, humidity and certain fumigant gases, and is ideal for use in grain bulkheads. The sensors are battery powered and communicate wirelessly with an on-site gateway, which transmits the data to the cloud for processing. Monitoring software in the cloud analyzes the data and issues immediate alerts via SMS, email and on-site alarm if any sensor readings are outside of user-defined ranges. Installing this is as easy as turning it on and placing it within the top layers of the stored grain.
Grain storage units, a necessity on many farms, can be dangerous, especially days after filling when gasses are building up inside post-fumigation. These gases are formed through the natural fermentation process of chopped forages shortly after it is placed in the silo. One of these gases to watch is the phosphine gas, which is colorless, odorless and extremely toxic. With TeleSense’s portable sensor, you have an affordable and highly effective solution for early warnings of the presence of poisonous gases.
Certain advanced grain storage solutions use thermocouple temperature cables that hang from the ceiling of the grain storage units. GrainSafe Wireless Junction Box (WJB) interfaces with these existing temperature sensing setups and converts them into a potent remote monitoring and predictive solution system. The WJB continuously collects temperature data and sends it to the cloud for analysis. It is ideal for remote monitoring of grain storages that may be located far away.
With GrainSafe, data is analyzed, and alerts are generated. While the color-coded dashboard provides grain storage companies an instant bird’s eye view of all their stored grain and its current conditions regardless of where they are loacated.
If you own or manage grain, TeleSense gives you peace of mind knowing that your stored assets are continuously being monitored for temperature, humidity and ideal storage conditions; resulting in reduced spoilage, higher grain quality, increased profits and safety.