WhitePaper: FSMA Compliance & How TeleSense Can Help

White Paper Abstract

Food Safety and Modernization Act (FSMA) implementation is taking place just as FDA culture is becoming more enforcement-minded and inspection-oriented. They plan to conduct more domestic inspections, in addition to becoming more strategic in the sites they choose to inspect. With this change comes an expansion in their definition of “high risk”– an expansion that may lead to an increase in demanding access to records regardless of current legal authority.


Right Technology Can Help

TeleSense is one company that provides technology solutions for a variety of situations:

  1. Temperature and humidity monitoring technology to meet the needs of cold storage (freezers, coolers, etc.) in facilities
  2. On trucks, during transport with GPS tracking turned on or off
  3. In monitoring multiple sites for the same company
  4. During typically manual processes, such as marked product studies
  5. To monitor the cooking process in batch ovens to ensure thorough cooking and food safety
  6. Automatic report generation for inspectors and FSMA compliance

This makes it easy for a company to install one system to simplify regulatory compliance and meet the increased regulations FSMA entails.


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