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What We Do?

During storage, grain may spoil due to several factors such as excessive moisture, mold, and insects. In the past, farmers, co-ops, storage managers, and grain elevators have relied on manual inspections or temperature cables to manage this problem. However, cable solutions are complex, time-consuming, and expensive. TeleSense is here to help address those issues.

By combining our sensors with data science capabilities, we simplify grain quality management in storage. Our sensors continuously monitor temperature, relative humidity (RH), carbon dioxide and transmit the data to our software (the TeleSense app). By using advanced data science principles to generate customer-specific insights, we help answer key storage-related questions such as:

How to improve grain storage life
How to reduce spoilage
When to turn fans on/off
When to sell
Commodity Types
Row Crops
Row Crops (Grain)
Originally designed for monitoring grain, TeleSense offers products for a variety of grain storage and transport types. By analyzing information such as current grain conditions and local weather, we provide specific recommendations for grain quality management. Currently, we offer three grain-related features:
Potatoes must be kept within a precise temperature and relative humidity (RH) range to minimize the chances of sprouting or decay. TeleSense monitors the air as it enters and exits the potato storage, thereby developing a complete view of the storage unit. With continuous monitoring and earlier issue detection, we help storage managers reduce their risk of spoilage and improve profitability.
Seeds require specific storage conditions to preserve their germination capacity. TeleSense products make it possible to continuously monitor storage conditions and provide additional insights to maintain quality
Key Benefits
Reduce the manual effort involved in grain monitoring. No need to drive for hours to check on your storage units.
Save time with easy access to storage-related information (temperature, moisture) from any internet-connected smartphone, computer, or tablet.
Proactively manage grain quality and minimize spoilage with custom alerts for all key issues.
Make better decisions about how long to store the grain and when to sell it to maximize profitability, with access to continuous monitoring data and grain quality insights.
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Some of the largest grain businesses in the United States trust TeleSense for grain storage and transportation monitoring. So why not you?
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