Advanced Sensing Technology to Ensure Food Safety from Production, Storage, Transportation to Point-of-Sale

Easiest-to-Use, Most Robust Continuous Time-Temperature Recording (TTR) System

How Do We Do It

About TeleSense Solutions

TeleSense provides a complete temperature monitoring solution for food safety and quality monitoring, including commercial cooking, thawing, tempering, cold-storage, transportation and point-of-sale.

This wireless solution installs in minutes and its intuitive user interface makes it the easiest system to use for food safety and regulatory compliance.




Small wireless sensors collect data and send it to the cloud for storage and analytics continuously. Any time a parameter gets out of user-defined acceptable range, instant alerts are issued ensuring food safety and reducing operational expenses.

TeleSense has created a highly visual, industrial-strength IoT solutions for saving labor costs and automating regulatory compliance for food safety.

A complete solution for monitoring the temperature andhumidity of food during processing, packaging, transporting and storage

Case Study: TeleSense saves GoodHeart over $100,000

After closing up shop one weekend, a raw meat cooler malfunctioned due to a faulty compressor unit. They were about to lose tens of thousands of pounds of raw chicken, which would easily cost the company six figure. Read more ….

Easy set-up and use
Complete wireless solution
Secure industrial strength technology
Real-time alerts
Regulatory compliance automation
Commercially proven