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Potato Storage Monitoring

Monitor and manage the precise temperature and moisture conditions required for optimal potato storage.

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Spoilage can start anywhere in a potato pile. Traditional panel systems only monitor the air as it enters and leaves the pile. TeleSense offers wireless spears installed in the pile and plenum to monitor the temperature, humidity (RH), and CO2 levels of the air as it moves through the pile. This provides you a complete view of the storage environment. Using TeleSense, storage managers can pinpoint the source of a problem and take steps to mitigate their impact.


  1. Monitor and compare multiple potato bays on the TeleSense App.
  2. Track temperature and humidity swings in the potato pile.
  3. Monitor the pile cooling and wound healing progress with heatmaps and charts.
  4. View the impact of environmental changes on potato temperature.
  5. Set custom thresholds for pile temperature, headspace temperature & RH, CO2 level, and pile delta T.
  6. Receive text message and in-app alerts if any thresholds are breached.
  7. Capture additional profits by prolonging the quality of the stored potatoes.
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