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Other Storage Unit Types

Monitor your flat storages, grain bags, warehouses, crates and more with TeleSense.

grain monitoring

No matter how you store your grain, TeleSense offers a monitoring solution. Our battery-powered spears with multiple temperature and moisture sensors can continuously monitor several storage unit types. The data from the spears is available for remote access via the TeleSense App.

We serve all types of storage units, including but not limited to:
Grain Bags
Flat Storages


  1. Monitor and compare different types of storage units across multiple locations on the TeleSense App.
  2. Reduce time and effort involved in monitoring your stored commodities with our easy-to-install spears.
  3. Use charts to identify trends in grain temperature and moisture throughout the storage cycle.
  4. View a 3D sensor layout for most storage unit types.
  5. Receive updated temperature and moisture readings every few hours. (Customizable).
  6. Set custom temperature & RH thresholds; Get notified via email if temperature or RH values exceed thresholds.
grain monitoring