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Grain Transport Monitoring

Effortless temperature, moisture, and location monitoring for your commodities during transit.

grain monitoring

Are you looking for a way to check on your commodities (corn, potatoes, wheat, etc.) during transit? TeleSense offers standalone, battery-powered spears for monitoring. These spears collect temperature, relative humidity (RH), and geolocation data and send it to the TeleSense App via a cellular connection. Using our system, you can receive alerts when temperature or RH levels exceed your pre-set range.


  1. Monitor and compare all your barges, railcars or trucks on the TeleSense App.
  2. Track the approximate location of your commodities as they move through the transit route (subject to network availability).
  3. Receive updated temperature and moisture readings every 1-12 hours.(Customizable settings).
  4. Use charts to identify trends in commodity temperature and moisture during transit.
  5. Set custom temperature & RH thresholds; Get notified via email if the values exceed the threshold.
grain monitoring