TeleSense is a next-generation grain monitoring service for predicting the quality of commodities in storage and transit
TeleSense was recently acquired by UPL's post-harvest solutions business, DECCO. They share our vision of revolutionizing the way food is stored by bringing latest technologies to solve age-old problems. We are excited for what comes next!

Maximize the value of your post-harvest grain

Grain, once harvested, never improves in quality. So, grain storage management can be difficult. Answering questions such as when to sell grain, when to turn off fans, and how to reduce spoilage or avoid hot-spots, used to rely on manual inspection or expensive temperature cable-based solutions. TeleSense is here to change that.
Learn more about how TeleSense can make grain storage monitoring easier for you 

TeleSense® provides remote solutions for grain storage and transportation monitoring.  Our products use wireless sensors for temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide monitoring (CO2) and our software incorporates machine learning algorithms to develop actionable insights for quality preservation.
7 out of the 10 largest grain companies in the United States trust TeleSense for grain storage and transportation monitoring. So why not you?   

Our Customers

Key Features

Temperature, Moisture, Carbon Dioxide Monitoring

Temperature, Moisture & Carbon Dioxide Monitoring  

Pile, warehouses, grain bags monitoring

Monitor stationary storage units such as ground piles, grain bags, bunkers, bins, warehouses, and crates  


2–5-year battery life 


Monitor storage units in transit, such as barges or railcars (location tracking included)    

monitoring grain by 3D technology

3D view of your storage unit   

Grain mornitoring

Ideal for corn, wheat, soybeans, barley, and rice    

Minimize Spoilage

Guidance on when to turn bin fans on/off to minimize spoilage    

Grain monitoring

Can also be used for commodities like potatoes, hay, alfalfa, and seeds   

Key Benefits

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your grain is being monitored 24/7, no need to frequently visit your storage units


View all the storage units in your organization, at once, within the TeleSense App


Carbon Dioxide monitoring helps detect grain spoilage several days earlier than temperature-only monitoring


Alerts you to high temperature risk zones and recommends necessary actions to maintain grain quality


Pay a fraction of the price of conventional temperature cable systems


Make better decisions about how to preserve grain quality, how to extend grain storage life, and when to sell, to maximize profit

Products and Storage Types

TeleSense offers inexpensive and intelligent monitoring solutions for all storage unit types  

Interested in learning more about how TeleSense can help with your grain storage monitoring needs? Reach out to us to speak with a TeleSense Sales Representative.

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