Maximize the value of your post-harvest grain

Wireless monitoring solutions for grain storage and transportation

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Wireless sensors continuously gather environmental conditions including temperature, moisture, and CO2


Software provides actionable suggestions for quality preservation and moisture management


The TeleSense App automatically alerts you of any issues


Accessible via any PC smartphone or tablet with an internet connection

Enjoy the peace of mind knowing your grain is remotely monitored 24/7 with TeleSense 



Monitor grain temperature and moisture, and carbon dioxide using our wireless products


Monitor stationary storage units such as ground piles, grain bags, bunkers, bins, warehouses, and crates


Monitor storage units in transit, such as barges or railcars


Ideal for corn, wheat, soybeans, hay, alfalfa, seeds, canola, and barley


Track your grain’s location while in transit


TeleSense App makes monitoring quick and easy

Product Family



TeleSense Spears make monitoring easier for commodities which previously presented a challenge. Just insert these outdoor-ready spears into the commodity to begin collecting temperature and moisture data.



TeleSense Balls are appropriate for monitoring temperature and moisture in unique storage situations. With meshed network capabilities, these balls can communicate with each other to cover a large area using a single gateway device.



TeleSense “Spider” sensor boxes present a cable free way to remotely monitor grain bins. The top Spider is installed in the headspace, and the bottom Spider is installed in the plenum or the fan transition. The Spiders rely on cellular connectivity and work together to develop a complete view of the grain bin by measuring temperature, moisture, and carbon dioxide (CO2).



Tired of manually checking temperature cables? The TeleSense BuffaloBox enhances existing cable systems by making them wireless, and provides users with access to all the powerful features of the TeleSense App.


TeleSense App

The TeleSense App is your command center. It analyzes incoming sensor data and is constantly on the lookout for problems caused by mold, insects, moisture, and other compromised storage conditions. A quick glance at the intuitive interface will immediately tell you if anything is wrong with your commodities. No more probing, no more dealing with cables, no more worrying about spoilage. Spend your time on more important things.



TeleSense® provides IoT (Internet of Things) monitoring solutions for post-harvest commodity storage and transport. By combining purpose-built hardware products with advanced analytics software, we help manage risks in the world’s perishable commodities supply chain.
Our products use wireless sensors for temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide monitoring (CO2) and our advanced software relies on artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to develop valuable insights for grain quality preservation. Whether assets are stationary or moving, using cloud-based technology, TeleSense simplifies the monitoring of storage conditions.  Our solutions help eliminate human error, improve operational efficiency, and increase profitability.


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