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Grain Bin Monitoring

Monitor your grain bins without the hassle of temperature cables

grain monitoring

TeleSense offers a cable-free way to remotely monitor grain in bins/silos during post-harvest storage. Instead of hanging expensive temperature cables from reinforced bin roofs, we use two devices called TeleSense Spiders.

One Spider is installed at the top of the bin, and one at the bottom, so bin entry is not required for installation or maintenance. The Spiders include sensors for measuring the temperature, moisture, and carbon dioxide levels of the air which flows through the grain and use cellular connectivity to send this data to the TeleSense App, for further analysis.


  1. Monitor and compare bins across multiple locations on the TeleSense App.
  2. Use charts to identify trends in grain bin temperature, moisture, and CO2 levels throughout the storage cycle.
  3. Detect spoilage earlier than temperature only monitoring with our carbon dioxide-based spoilage risk detection.
  4. Receive text messages and in-app alerts for high-risk storage conditions in your bin.
  5. Receive text message and in-app fan operation guidance for optimal drying and cooling of stored grain.
grain monitoring