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About us


About TeleSense

TeleSense was founded in 2014 to apply IoT (Internet of Things) and AI technologies to one of the world's largest and most influential sectors: Agriculture. After identifying some technological gaps in post-harvest monitoring, our team led by co-founders Naeem Zafar and Nick Garner got to work. Over the next eight years, we developed remote monitoring solutions for several storage unit types (bins/silos, warehouses, piles, bunkers, barges) and commodities (corn, rice, soybean, seeds, potatoes, barley, etc.)


In September 2022, TeleSense was acquired by UPL’s post-harvest business DECCO. Comments from the UPL, DECCO, and TeleSense leaders about the acquisition –

The last six months have seen the challenge of food security attract global attention, but one important aspect has been overlooked: food waste. More than 1.3 billion tonnes of food are wasted every year – as much as a third of all food produced for human consumption – much of it before it reaches consumers. UPL's commitment to Reimagining Sustainability is not just about helping farmers grow food, but also about storing and preserving it. Our acquisition of TeleSense furthers our ability to produce constant innovation of smarter and safer solutions to minimize waste at the heart of the food system. - Jai Shroff, Global CEO of UPL Ltd.

We are delighted to welcome TeleSense to UPL's OpenAg® network. By joining forces, we are creating an unrivaled post-harvest solution set that will enable growers, storages, packers, and processors alike to maximize quality preservation and prevent food losses. - Francisco Jose Rodriguez Nogueron, President & CEO of DECCO Worldwide

TeleSense's vision was to revolutionize the way that food is stored by bringing the latest digital technologies to solve age-old problems. DECCO shares this vision, and we have seen first-hand the benefits of collaboration and of combining complementary technological offerings. We are excited to have joined DECCO and to be embarking on a new chapter to improve post-harvest innovation around the world. - Naeem Zafar, TeleSense Co-founder

We remain committed to improving grain storage life and reducing post-harvest spoilage, even after the acquisition.

About DECCO US Post-Harvest

DECCO's purpose is to enable more and better Fresh Food for the world. More. Beautiful. Fresh

DECCO, a UPL company is the global leader in providing postharvest solutions to reduce food waste and enhance the freshness of fresh fruits and vegetables all along the food supply chain. DECCO delivers value every day to packers, shippers, supermarkets and consumers with customized coating, decay control, sanitization and disinfection products, application technology, on-site service and almost 90 years of postharvest expertise. We continuously uncover new opportunities to increase food safety, minimize loss, and expand the value of fresh produce for all.


About UPL Open Ag

Open Access to Agricultural Network Around The Globe

An agriculture network that feeds sustainable growth for all. No limits, No borders It revolves around and involves the entire world and its 8 billion people. A number that is set to grow to 9 billion by 2050 and then 11 billion before the close of this century.

Our planet faces challenges like never before. Challenges that will affect us all. But there’s one industry on which we all depend that can make a positive impact and a real-world difference - agriculture. From soil health to women’s empowerment, advanced hybrid seeds to postharvest waste reduction, water efficiency to carbon sequestration – our inputs, solutions, and initiatives are working hand-in-hand with farmers to make a difference. Across the environment, global food chain security, and farming communities’ social and economic resilience. Together, we are advancing agriculture for a sustainable world driven by our OpenAg® network to reimagine sustainability for all.

How do we feed the world as the world gets bigger and our resources become scarcer?

The New Model

A model that brings together all the different players in the food system – from farmers to food producers to supermarkets to consumers – with a new purpose.

Our Story is of a New Role

We are creating the network that changes the way a whole industry thinks and works. Opening it all up, to new ideas, new ways, new answers.