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Ground Pile and Bunker Monitoring

Wireless and low-effort grain monitoring for ground piles and bunkers with aeration

grain monitoring

When piling your grain, you might experience spoilage concerns due to high temperature or excessive moisture. Instead of relying on difficult-to-install temperature cables or manual probing, you can opt for our hassle-free solution.

TeleSense offers battery-powered multi-sensor spears for pile/bunker monitoring. The spears are laid in a grid across your pile/bunker to collect grain temperature and moisture info. This info is sent to the TeleSense App via cellular connectivity or a gateway for further analysis.

Unlike most temperature monitoring probes, TeleSense does not just rely on point sensing. Instead, we compare the temperature and moisture values from different parts of the pile/bunker to better understand what’s happening in the grain.


  1. Monitor and compare piles/bunkers across multiple locations on the TeleSense App.
  2. Receive updated temperature and moisture readings every 12 hours.
  3. Use charts to identify trends in pile temperature and moisture throughout the storage cycle.
  4. Set custom alerts for high temperature, excessive moisture, and other potential high-risk storage conditions in your pile.
  5. Identify potential problem areas in your grain with highlights in the 3D view and take quick corrective action.
grain monitoring

Plan the pile reclamation process based on current and past risk zones on the pile 3D view.

The TeleSense Pile Monitoring Solution gives you the ability to make betterinformed decisions about when to pick up your piles and which side to start from