TeleSense Spider

An innovative solution to monitor bins with aeration   

TeleSense Spiders provide a cable - free solution to remotely monitor grain bins. Instead of hanging complicated and expensive temperature cables from reinforced bin roofs, we use two spider devices, one attached at the top of the bin, one at the bottom, for smarter monitoring. Spiders monitor the air which flows through the grain mass and help develop a complete view of your storage unit.

Sends data to the TeleSense app through a cellular connection
Includes temperature, moisture, and carbon dioxide monitoring
Offers early spoilage detection, with Carbon Dioxide (CO2 monitoring) 
One time installation
SMS text and in-app alerts for high-risk storage conditions
Guidance on when to turn bin fans on/off to minimize spoilage. (Two possible grain conditioning modes are available, in-bin drying + conditioning and conditioning only)